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Helping our Industry Work Together

Our technology creates a new platform for pricing and reimbursing prescriptions, making it easier for consumers to buy their medicine at the lowest cost.

Smarter Cash Solutions for Pharmacies

The out-of-pocket marketplace for prescriptions is not working. Discount cash cards offer lower costs but offer an incomplete picture and disconnected experience for consumers and pharmacies. Our solutions create a complete solution.

Marketplace Search, a Multi-Card Cash Solution

Marketplace Search provides the first ever multi-card search marketplace solution. Our proprietary pricing engine looks across every major savings program to identify the lowest cost, without having to change pharmacies.

*Discount card name trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Holistic Rx Care for Payers

We collaborate with health plans, employers and technology partners to incorporate our pricing and marketplace solutions into their pharmacy benefit. We offer a holistic approach that integrates funded and cash solutions to give members savings while providing payers a complete picture.

Lower Pharmacy Benefit Costs

Our technology helps plans and members find the lowest possible cost across funded and cash solutions.

Improved Member Experience

We simplify the pharmacy experience for members, making it easier to find the prescription you need.

A More Complete Care Picture

We integrate with health plan platforms to incorporate cash payments into adherence insights.

Customize Your Solution to Meet Your Needs

Our technology is flexible and customizable, integrating to meet health plans’ needs.